About me

From childhood i have a creative urge and my interest in painting art and ..... photography.
My interest made gradually place for passion after the arrival of the digital photography.
And now on my iPhone, i can totally lose my creative urge and passion in this new/young art form ;
phone-art , iPhone art , smartphone-art , mobile art , iPhoneography.
These are some collective names for this new art form.

I photograph since childhood ; often outdoors, on path, into nature with my camera.
Continuously looking for lines, depth and balance for a composition.
Last year I mostly photograph people on the street .. with my iPhone.
Thereby I photograph almost exclusively by using a Slowshutter app.
Not only the results of slowshutter photography is beautiful to me ; I appreciate and enjoy the
abstract, the courage to deviate from the more traditional result.

I dare to start this site because I am convinced that my FoonArt is unique within the mobile-art ;
with this site I want to show you my work.

Ah, almost forgotten .. i live in the Netherlands/Europe ; my domicile is Zwolle.